National Security

The deep-rooted interest of The American Legion in the security of the nation was born in the hearts and minds of its founders of World War I. The bitter experience of seeing comrades wounded and killed through lack of proper training instilled in these veterans the determination to fight for an adequate defense establishment capable of protecting the sovereignty of the United States.

Today this same philosophy endures. With the evolution of space technology and scientific advancement of both conventional and nuclear weapons, The American Legion continues to support an adequate arsenal and a properly trained and ready fighting armed force as prime deterrents to aggressors. The Legion also advocates for a strong homeland defense capability.

Believing that a strong emergency management program is needed to protect this nation’s citizens, The American Legion supports disaster preparedness programs that would prepare the civilian population to function efficiently in times of grave national emergency.

As an adjunct to this effort, The American Legion’s Blood Donor Program provides a vital community service, not only in meeting the blood requirements of the community but also as a ready reserve to serve
the nation should the need arise.

The American Legion also supports ROTC and law-and-order programs. Through its awards program, the American Legion recognizes outstanding ROTC cadets at both the high school and college levels and our nation’s first responders.

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